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Darmal Foods

Darmal Foods is a recently formed subsidiary of the Darmal Group of companies, specializing in supplying its end-customers with the finest food products that meet all international quality standards.

Darmal Foods Corporate Mission statement is: To produce and maintain the uncompromising highest quality of our tasty, healthy and convenient food products, and moreover - to continuously innovate in order to meet the ever-changing consumer demands in the food products.

The standards of quality, meeting which is obligatory for all Darmal Foods products, continue to rise in order to compete with the standards of Europe and America, while operating worldwide. The range of goods produced by Darmal Foods include:

  • Agricultural;
  • Livestock;
  • Fishery products;
  • Health food products;
  • Non-alcoholic beverages;
  • Water;

Darmal Foods is using the synergy of other companies of Darmal Group for even better performance in its operations, importing produced goods to many different countries of the world, and moreover - always ready to explore new opportunities in the global market.