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Darmal Real Estate Consultancy

Darmal Real Estate Consultancy, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, is an independent research provider and consulting firm focused in the growing Real Estate and housing industry. The company carefully compiles and analyzes an unprecedented volumes of information to keep its clients always informed about the latest market trends.

Darmal Real Estate Consultancy, is focused on providing its clients with the following services:

  • Research:
    1. Price research;
    2. Quality and competiveness research;
    3. Facilities research.
  • Analysis:
    1. Infrastructure and development analysis;
    2. Safety analysis;
    3. Perspectives of investment in a particular property;
    4. Risks analysis.
  • Consultation:
    1. Investment advice;
    2. Comparison of developing projects;
    3. Consulting in preparation of contracts, agreements and all other relative documentation required for a deal.

Utilizing skills of professional research, advicing and consultation services of Darmal Real Estate Consultancy, its customers can easily:

  • Get a comparative market analysis and pricing assistance;
  • Discover more opportunities for profit;
  • Identify risks and avoid pitfalls;
  • Have the efficiency of their time.

Having more than 5 years of experience in operating on the Real Estate sector, Darmal Real Estate is working hard to provide its customers with the best service in their Real Estate and Housing concerns.